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|Mailing list=http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/cc-devel
|Mailing list=http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/cc-devel
== What is liblicense? ==
是什么liblicense ====
liblicense provides a straight-forward way for developers to build license-aware applications.  liblicense utilizes a pluggable module system for reading and writing metadata from specific file types, allowing extensibility for specific content types.
liblicense提供了一个直接的方式开发建设许可的应用程序。 liblicense利用阅读和写作的元数据从一个特定的文件类型可插拔模块系统,允许对特定内容类型的可扩展性。
* For a brief introduction video, check [http://blip.tv/file/1142312/ Asheesh Laroia talking about liblicense]
*对于一个简单的介绍视频,请检查[http://blip.tv/file/1142312/ Asheesh拉若亚谈论liblicense]
* To see '''liblicense in action''' take a look at [[License tagger]], the cross platform file metadata editor.
*要查看''''' liblicense行动'看看[[许可证标注器]],跨平台的研究文件元数据编辑器。
== Features ==
== Features ==

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Description of Software Low-level license metadata integration for applications.
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是什么liblicense ==? ==

liblicense提供了一个直接的方式开发建设许可的应用程序。 liblicense利用阅读和写作的元数据从一个特定的文件类型可插拔模块系统,允许对特定内容类型的可扩展性。


  • Extract and write license information for files
  • Supports enumeration of available licenses
  • Wraps internationalized license information for Creative Commons licenses
  • Bindings for dynamic languages (currently Python and Ruby)
  • Extensible support for file types using module system
  • No specific GUI library dependency allows applications to build the graphical chooser most appropriate for their platform.

Future Improvements


System architecture.png

Liblicense Architecture - SVG



See Operating System Mockups for ideas on how liblicense could be integrated into various platforms.


Developers: Using git

If you want to check out the source code and develop on it, use this command:

git clone git://code.creativecommons.org/liblicense.git
git submodule init
git submodule update

That should give you a working copy you can commit to. In case you wonder: the latter two commandsfill the directories

  • icons/jurisdictions
  • license.rdf
  • licenses

with content from external repositories similar to svn:externals for Subversion.

More Information

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