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==Software Documentation ==
==Software Documentation ==
*[[DiscoverEd Quickstart|Quickstart]]
*[[DiscoverEd Quickstart|Quickstart]]
*[[/Install_manually|Installing Instructions]]
*[[Running DiscoverEd]]
*[[Running DiscoverEd]]
*[[DiscoverEd Data|Data]]
*[[DiscoverEd Data|Data]]

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DiscoverEd is a search prototype developed by Creative Commons to explore metadata enhanced search, specifically for OER. While most search engines rely solely on algorithmic analyses of resources, DiscoverEd can incorporate data provided by the resource publisher or curator. DiscoverEd supports several common metadata formats, including OAI-PMH and RDFa. The use of these formats allows otherwise unrelated educational projects, curators, and repositories to express facts about their resources in the a way that tools (like DiscoverEd) can use for purposes like search and discovery. DiscoverEd is a project that allows us to explore ways to improve search for OER, and simultaneously demonstrate the utility of structured data. DiscoverEd is built on Nutch.

Creative Commons maintains an experimental instance of DiscoverEd at discovered.creativecommons.org.

General Documentation

  • FAQ
  • Glossary
    • Gloassary of DiscoverEd-related terms.
  • Metadata
    • Basic guide on metadata markup for DiscoverEd.

Software Documentation

Developer Documentation

Additional Information