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== Open Challenges ==
== Open Challenges ==
<ask format=broadtable>
[[Category:Challenge]] [[Has Challenge Type::Developer]] [[Is Complete::false]]
[[Has Challenge Type::Developer]]
| ?Related To
[[Is Complete::false]]
| ?Has Tag
[[Related To::*]]
[[Has Tag::*]]
== Completed Challenges ==
== Completed Challenges ==

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We have ideas. Lots of ideas. And some of them might just be darn cool. So we challenge you, dear developer, help us out and win fame and glory (and maybe, just maybe, a job).

Some challenges have been met and completed, but fret not -- there are still lots of opportunities for fame and glory.

Enter below a new Challenge or view the list of open Challenges. For more ways to participate take a look at the the Creative Commons Developer Community.

{{#forminput:Challenge|35||Add a New Challenge}}

Google Summer of Code Ideas

We think these ideas are right-sized for Google Summer of Code projects. We'll definitely accept applications for ideas that aren't on this list, but these are a good starting point.

<ask format=broadtable>Has Challenge Type::Developer Is Complete::false Related To::* Has Tag::gsoc </ask>

Open Challenges

{{#ask: Has Challenge Type::Developer Is Complete::false | ?Related To | ?Has Tag }}

Completed Challenges

<ask format=broadtable>Has Challenge Type::Developer Is Complete::true Related To::* Has Tag::* </ask>