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* [[pyArchive]]
* [[pyArchive]]
* [[Ajax License Chooser]]
* [[Ajax License Chooser]]
* [[libfeedback]]
=== Exploratory Projects ===
=== Exploratory Projects ===

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The primary goal of the Creative Commons Developer Community (CCDC) is to build a community of developers around the development of tools facilitating Creative Commons' licenses and standards. You can help by accepting one of our Tech Challenges.

Community Goals

  • Build a strong and supportive community of developers
  • Support Creative Commons Developer Community Projects
  • Build infrastructure around Creative Commons licenses
  • Build infrastructure around Creative Commons standards

Get Involved





Creative Commons actively develops the following software projects:

Code for our projects is hosted at Sourceforge.net or Berlios.de; see the Source Repository Policy for information on contributing code or starting a new project.

Supporting Projects

We also maintain several library projects which are reused in some of our applications:

Exploratory Projects

The projects below are currently being discussed or explored:

  • Content Aggregation
  • libcclicense - an abstract library for implementing license support (C-library)
  • Dream CC Tool - A discussion of the "ideal" CC tool; possibly the successor to ccPublisher?
  • Development Ideas - A collection of nascent ideas for CC-enabled tools. As these become more fleshed out, they'll be moved to their own pages.