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The internal task and project tracking system used at Creative Commons is powered by Semantic Media Wiki.




  • Web Server such as Apache or IIS
  • PHP version 5.0 or later (5.1.x recommended)
  • Database Server MySQL 4.0 or later

(1) MediaWiki : MediaWiki is a free software wiki package used for Wikipedia and many other wikis. It's the basis of the ccTeamspace software. Follow the MediaWiki installation guide to complete the installation of your wiki.

(2)Semantic MediaWiki: On this MediaWiki installation, we will add some semantic features. Download Semantic MediaWiki and follow the four installation steps.

(3) Import the ccTeamspace structure:

  • Download the [ccTeamspace structure xml file].
  • Log in with your Sysops account and go to the Special:Import page to import the xml file.

(4) Refresh the semantic data with a script: Move the php file ./extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/maintenance/SMW_refreshData.php to the ./maintenance/ directory of your MediaWiki installation. Then execute the SMW_refreshData.php script to create the semantic data in your database.

  php maintenance/SMW_refreshData.php

(5) Add Semantic Extensions: All of the following extensions are needed: