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Show Some Color project by the Fabricatorz production group invites individual women to create videos on their racial identities.

We selected CC Attribution 3.0 Unported license because we want content to spread as far and wide as possible and we want to allow our content to be used freely anywhere and for any reason, with the attribution intact, of course. — Deer Fang and Jon Phillips, co-founders Fabricatorz


Fabricatorz is a production company founded by artists Jon Phillips and Deer Fang. This company is a sustainable open collaborative structure so that art, media and commercial projects may be actualised locally and globally. Fabricatorz are the fabricators of our contemporary society. Each project exposes and opens up contemporary production means and processes, iteratively shaping culture beyond the information age.

The inaugural project is a video series project and media event titled Show Some Color, funded by Southern Exposure's Alternative Exposure grant in San Francisco. Following from the first Show Some Color (part 1) project where three Asian American women were recorded having a dialogue about who are their ideal type of boyfriends in America, part two of Show Some Color opens up the dialogue to the larger San Francisco community and challenge participants to create a five-minute on-camera performance based on their racial identity. This project consists of producing, publicising and recording a public event at 111 Minna Gallery, whereby women will be incentivised to participate in multiple ways of producing video segments of how they interpret their race and ethnicity. Also, independent video producers, specifically the videoblogging community, will be invited to team up with participants and produce their own videos, and have this incorporated in the final product. Thus, the goal of this project is to investigate and report how these women represent themselves via the web to social network services, and finally broadcast on AccessSF public-access television station.

License Usage

Show Some Color has adopted the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This licence has been used to ensure Fabricatorz has the right to use and create video and photo content with performers and audience in the media event, and the right to publish content that created by independent video and photo producers. Forms of various distribution include the website, print and public-access TV.

Two sets of content release forms to clarify rights were distributed to performers, the audience and all personnel entering the event space to sign and return to the project staff. There were approximately fifty licenses signed during the event; twelve videos were produced during the event and licensed; and over three hundred people participated voting for the best performer and video maker.


As to how the project came to adopt Creative Commons licensing, Jon Phillips, a co-founder of Fabricatorz, has been around and participated in the beginnings of open content licenses and currently works for Creative Commons as Community and Business Manager.

'We chose to license under OCL because there are established standard OCLs (Creative Commons licences), we wanted nonexclusive arrangements with participants in our project, and because we specifically envisioned some interesting hacks with the OCLs that have not really happened yet and/or haven't happened with widespread publicity.
We selected CC Attribution 3.0 Unported license because we want content to spread as far and wide as possible and we want to allow our content to be used freely anywhere and for any reason, with the attribution intact, of course.'


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