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CC Stories Campaign (May 2009)


  • relaunch CCau case studies book - divided into separate booklets, with Indesign source files, encouraging reprinting, remixing and separation of individual case studies (CCau - March)
  • Joi's work - aiming for high quality case studies with a view to academic outcome


  • highlight case studies more on main site (May 6):
    • announce above push on main blog.
    • include featured case studies on the front page - by preference automatically generated by recommendation like wikimedia - but for short term campaign could be directly selected
    • add 'CC Stories' link to About page (or equivalent on new site) - which also provides links to video testimonies and featured commoners
    • Case Studies banner on main page for duration of push

Clean up



  • encourage more contributions:
    • advertise that selected case studies will be featured on CC blog front page and included in planned future publication
    • provide links through CC Network
    • include 'recommend me for a case study button' - through CC Network widget?
    • encourage launching jurisdictions to do a first case study in their local language as part of the launch (michelle?)
    • encourage existing jurisdiction projects to get volunteers to write up local case studies
    • encourage jurisdiction projects to produce own publications for conferences etc based on existing and new case studies - whole books, shorter booklets, single case studies
    • encourage commoners featured/speaking at conferences to produce case study - like conference paper
    • hold case study workshops/parties - where people are encouraged to contribute
    • double Featured Commoner articles into case studies
    • Coordinate promotion on facebook, microblogging, cc-employee signature line
    • teaser videos?
    • CCau to contribute 7 more student generated case studies


Version 3.0 Asia Pacific Meeting in Philippines

  • Add random sort of 10 case studies (greg)
    • patch from steren is into SMW trunk. It just needs to be rolled out on CC website, tested, and then merry xmas.
  • Add 3 more global case studies (michelle + affiliates + community)
  • A new CC AU case studies booklet?

2008 Releases

Version 0.9 April 16

  • (DONE) 10 case studies entered (
  • (IN PROGRESS) cameron 10 featured commoners case studies entered (cameron)
  • (DONE) add "tags" to template (tvol)
    • free tags
    • controlled vocab--need to come up with list of tags (ex: business, art, etc) on this if we want
  • (DONE) add "license short name" (tvol)
  • (IN PROGRESS) tinker with display options (tvol, jon)
    • (DONE) put 500x200 image after title, before pull quote
    • (DONE) add template or some structured way to have the headers in free text area and if section not entered, it doesn't show up
  • (DONE) wiki literacies Help:Editing#Extreme_basics (tvol)

Version 1.0 April 23

  • (DONE) 10 more case studies entered (
  • (DONE) revise display and layout (tvol, jon)
    • sort by, search
      • tag, license, country, media, user status
    • (DONE) add some type of way to enforce sections in the page template and then if no content, don't show section (jon)

Version 1.25 May 1

  • (DONE)email to cci list/jurisdictions for participation
  • (NOT-DOING) tile image header (jon)

Version 1.3 May 9

  • (DONE) reintroduce sort and search functions
  • (NOT-DOING) determine dimensions for images

Version 1.5 June 15

  • (DONE BEST POSSIBLE ;) each jurisdiction have 5 case studies entered
  • (DONE BEST POSSIBLE ;) 5-10 additional international articles (Michelle)
  • (DONE) press release about case studies ongoing project
  • (DONE) take snap-shot of case studies 1.0 as printable versions

Version 1.6 June 24

Version 2.0 Communia

  • (DONE) coordinate translations of (at least) article summaries? (michelle)
  • (DONE) add sort function by language (greg)
  • (DONE) Add last 10 edited Case Studies to main page (rejon)
  • (DONE) Assess what needs fixing from 1.6 release (rejon)
    • From ReadWriteWeb: "The one thing we wish was included in each profile is some discussion of the distribution metrics of each project and any information available about the CC license's impact on those metrics"
    • From improve usability; the author had to "struggle through the navigation."

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