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Linux Outlaws is a podcast bringing you the tech news of the week, with a strong focus on free and open technologies, some lighthearted humour and from the perspective of the general Linux user.

More laid back than the other podcasts, Linux Outlaws should definitely be on your playlist. — Linux Format Magazine


Linux Outlaws was started by Fabian Scherschel from Bonn, Germany and Dan Lynch from Liverpool in the UK in the fall of 2007. Having never met each other before in person, the pair started talking to each other on a microblogging platform about Linux and eventually got involved in podcasting.

Linux Outlaws was born as just two regular guys talking lightheartedly about Linux and Free Software once a week but has grown into a very popular news show, including interviews with many big names in the open source community, while still maintaining its laid back style and occasionally slightly questionable brand of humour. It now includes a weekly live broadcast of the recording sessions and a vibrant community, spread among the Linux Outlaws Forums, multiple social networks and the #linuxoutlaws IRC channel on the Freenode network.

The show is being recorded simultaneously in Bonn and Liverpool using almost exclusively free and open source software and both Dan and Fab have been commited to the ideals of the Creative Commons in everything they produce from the start.

License Usage

Everything to do with Linux Outlaws (the show itself, all artwork and written text) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


It has been clear from the start that a project such as Linux Outlaws would use a Creative Commons license: the whole idea of the show is to share information freely with the community. The show was first licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License, but it was later decided that the more liberal Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License was a better choice in light of the show's ideals.

Both Dan and Fab understand that creating content in the Age of the Internet requires a new way of thinking about the licensing of works. Just as they prefer licenses like the GPL for software, they strongly believe that Creative Commons is the future for the licensing of creative projects like books, music and spoken word.

Using a Creative Commons license has enabled Linux Outlaws to grow way beyond anything its creators could ever have imagined and has created a vibrant and active community of listeners and fans. This surprising success of the show would never have been possible without the ability, and explicit encouragement, to share the content freely in every way possible.


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You can download the entire back catalog of Linux Outlaws episodes at the Outlaw Archives site.