Case Studies/Highlights from SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark

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SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst), The National Gallery of Denmark, has released 159 highlights and 100 educational videos on YouTube under the CC BY license. The 159 artworks and 100 videos are also featured in the Google Art Project. SMK want this content, that is free of copyright restrictions, to be freely available to our users for any purpose. As a national gallery, we believe that those parts of our collections that are in the Public Domain belong to everyone. With this limited selection of content, we want to test how people use these freely available digital resources in new creative and innovative ways.


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License Usage

CC BY 3.0


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One important achievement with using a Creative Commons license that aloows commercial reuse is that we are able to enrich Wikimedia Commons, and subsequently Wikipedia articles, with high quality images of artworks from SMK.

We asked Ole Palnatoke Andersen from Wikipedia Denmark for a comment on what this will mean:

"When SMK releases images of 159 artworks under CC BY, it means that we in Wikipedia (as well as the other Wikimedia projects) are able to write better articles about both the artists, the artwokrs, and the motifs. One example: In 1646, Jan van Goyen painted a prospect of the city of Arnhem. This image is not only fit to illustrate the article about van Goyen, but also the one about Arnhem, 1646, tonal landscape painting, and tulipomania - not just in Danish, but in all the languages that Wikipedia is available in. Furthermore, images and texts can be reused elsewhere on the Internet to the benefit of many more users."

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