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CC Stories

May 6

Creative Commons kicks off global case studies effort. Share your story. Discover new works and new models.

With at least 150 million CC-licensed works published from every corner of the world of diverse formats, genres, and fields, no single use case can tell the whole story. Creators and users come to CC for different reasons, and for many, CC solves different problems. We’re trying to capture the diversity of CC creators and content, and build a resource that inspires new works and informs free culture.

Today we're kicking off Creative Commons Case Studies 2009 – and we want to hear your story! We’re collecting cases big and small on our re-launched Case Studies wiki, an online portal to upload and discover documentation about CC-licensed projects.

The top user-submitted stories will be featured on our website and in the next printed volume of Creative Commons Case Studies. For examples of featured-quality case studies, see the Blender Foundation and the African Sleeping Sickness Test on our wiki.

The first print version, Building an Australasian Commons: Creative Commons Case Studies Volume I is a stunning publication that highlights 60 exemplary CC-licensed users in Australasia and worldwide. The book, edited by Rachel Cobcroft and supported by CC Australia, can be downloaded as a single document, or as digestible booklets focusing on specific fields: visual arts, audio, text, moving images, government, education and research, etc. You can also download the PDFs and source files of the entire publication -- prime for remixing. So why not make your own booklets, fact sheets, or hand outs tailored to your region, industry, or event?

Another exciting way to build a collection of selected case studies is via Case_Studies/PrediaPress, a service that builds an OpenOffice document, PDF, or printed book from selected wiki pages. Publish your collection yourself on a site that supports CC licenses such as Scribd and add your entry to Case_Studies/Collections.

We’re also encouraging educators to follow CC Australia’s lead and integrate the CC Case Studies into their curricula. Teaching with real-life examples can be compelling and instructive. Have your students analyze existing studies or write their own!

Best of all, this is a chance to collaborate with our CEO, Joi Ito, who said "In addition to case studies about CC and the sharing economy being the focus on my doctoral work, this in an incredibly important area where we need community support as the number and breadth of the case of CC use have exceeded what the staff and core community can track and process."

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, business models, or precedents, the CC Case Studies are a great place to start. Help us expand this resource by sharing your work and telling your story.

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