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Explore and add noteworthy global CC stories

Welcome to the Creative Commons Case Studies project!

Creative Commons projects are found across the globe, with licenses used by private individuals to large corporations. The stories on this site tell of some of the thousands of individuals and organisations who use CC on a daily basis for a multitude of purposes across a variety of content. This site aims to highlight the fantastic work being done by the creators and content aggregators in the CC community. It details some of the available tools for creation and collaboration which employ Creative Commons licenses. The Case Study Wiki chronicles past, present and future success stories of CC. Check out our roadmap to pick-up a shovel and help us make this better.

What is an appropriate entry for a Case Study?

The goal is to create a community-powered system for qualitatively measuring the impact of Creative Commons around the world. All are encouraged to add interesting, innovative, or noteworthy uses of Creative Commons licenses. Not certain that something should be added as a Case Study? Add it anyway and others will help you make it better.

How to add a Case Study

To get started, simply add the name of the Case Study in the box below. Then, you'll be able to use an easy form to enter the details of the study. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to sign up for an account on this wiki. Users must be logged-in to post to the wiki.

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