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2008 Nordic Creative Commons Summit

The summit brings together scholars and practitioners from legal and culture field to discuss best policies of implementing legal open content sharing in Nordic countries.


The translation and localization work is done by volunteer teams in each jurisdiction who are committed to introducing CC to their country and who consult extensively with members of the public and key stakeholders as part of the porting process. Denmark’s, Finland’s and Sweden’s volunteer country teams have adapted the previous version of the licenses and have web pages for instructing the rights owners for how to use the licenses. Norway is in the process of localizing the licenses.

Creative Commons is based to copyright licenses that are translated and localized to each countries local legal system. This ensures that the licenses are easily understood and enforceable in each country The Nordic legal systems has a common heritage when it comes to copyright law. Nordic co-operation can thus help to produce common licensing structure and provide insights for the translation process. Having a face to face meeting also helps the networking of the volunteer members of the movement.

Project description

The project will bring together Nordic Creative Commons licensing researchers and activists for a workshop to Stockholm in October 2008. The workshop will provide networking for Nordic researchers and co-ordinate and discuss the license localizations and free culture promotion. The event will be co-hosted by Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and VINNOVA Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Communications. Expected attendance is 100 people.

The program consists of keynote presentations, workshops and panels. Invited papers are selected and printed in a special "open content, culture and law" publication in a joint publication of Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and VINNOVA Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Communications. The publication will be made available in electronic form for free. The printed material will be made available for academic and cultural institutions.

Information of the summit will be distributed through the international Creative Commons network and using Nordic networks own channels like participating institutions web pages and mailing lists. The event is organized by the Nordic CC network.

See the web site of the conference.