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In most instances namespaces distinguish pages having different technical properties, handled differently by software, such as categories, images, or templates. Thus namespaces prefixes must more often than not be preserved in the translation process. That means, we should translate pages in the CC Wiki: namespace to ones in the same namespace, too. Thus I suggest to rename the pages already translated for this one. --Purodha Blissenbach (Discussion) 09:00, 19 October 2010 (UTC)

I concur that the page Namespace should come before language prefixes. I moved existing translations of CC Wiki:Translate that do not conform to this, and updated the documentation to try and clarify that.--Nathan 16:50, 19 October 2010 (UTC)

Better Not Uppercasing the 1st Letters in Page Titles

The automatic uppercasing of the 1st letter in page titles can be switched off for a MediaWiki wiki or specific namespaces.[1][2] Since uppercasing the 1st character in language code prefixes appears somewhat odd and inconvenient, I'd suggest to switch that off as soon as possible, and adjust documentation and translated pages accordingly. --Purodha Blissenbach (Discussion) 09:00, 19 October 2010 (UTC)

If we stick to have initial capitals for original untranslated pages, a good side effect would be to have pages nicely sorted in Special:Allpages, which we currently have not. --Purodha Blissenbach (Discussion) 09:06, 19 October 2010 (UTC)
I don't feel very strongly about this; don't understand the comment about sorting. --Nathan 16:50, 19 October 2010 (UTC)
Well, pages of the same language are sorted together because the start with the same sequence of letters. Mediawiki sort puts uppercase letters together and lowercase letters together in two distinct blocks. If language prefixes are lower case as is the recommended standard, while original pages not having language prefixes have names starting with an uppercase character, also the untranslated pages are sorted together and not intermingled between the groups of translated pages. Now easier comprehensible? --Purodha Blissenbach (Discussion) 01:45, 20 October 2010 (UTC)

Translating Templates

Should we add an extra section on translating templates? Several special precautions need to be taken, so as not to have {{Translated From … }} and similar stuff included in pages that use temples. The <noinclude> and/or <includeonly> and/or <onlyinclude> syntax and sematics need to be explained. I doubt, this would be suitable for general translators who are not programmers. --Purodha Blissenbach (Discussion) 09:00, 19 October 2010 (UTC)

I'm not sure how to translate templates at all in a sane manner, especially since many of them are used for adding semantic mediawiki mark-up. This is an unfortunate downside to our use of prefixes for translations. I propose we add documentation advising against translation of templates. We're currently working on doing translation of Case Studies; it's possible that work will help us understand how translation of templates could work. --Nathan 16:50, 19 October 2010 (UTC)
I do have ideas of translating templates. Best is to have as many templates as possible not requiring translation, however, since they do not contain displayed strings of translatable text.
It is a good idea to collect invariable strings in templates or subtemplates of their own. Such templates should usually not do much more than supplying a set of strings in one language as parameters to a stringless, and thus untranslated template. Then you only need to create more such very simple language specific templates when translating.
--Purodha Blissenbach (Discussion) 02:03, 20 October 2010 (UTC)


How about enabling Extension:Translate in this wiki? It is quite good for translating wikipages. But it require some volunteers to manage translatable pages. --Base (talk) 21:12, 2 February 2013 (UTC)