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How exactly do we give attribution to CC-licensed work?

See marking for examples.

Attribution to a site or publisher

Licenses for a site may give attribution to the site, rather than to the individual contributors.("The winner is CC-By 2.5, with the attribution to the Wiki." [Wikinews-l] The Wikinews Licensure Poll is closed, Sep 2005.)

If you are the author or rights-holder of original content, and wish to be attributed for that on a site that practices such a policy, then:

  • it should be published elsewhere under a suitable license
  • the content placed on the wiki should have an attribution, saying that the page or section contains content from the specified source. Future editors of the page should not remove this notice while significant portions of text remain on the page.[1]
Note: This initial contribution is by an editor who is not a lawyer - these are just ideas and need further references.

Attribution to a URL

See ccREL.


  1. How much text is "significant"? A single sentence is not a copyright violation (source?) so presumably more than one sentence. Should 2 sentences or more be the rule of thumb? What if they are long, paragraph-length sentences?