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== Applications with Creative Commons licensing built-in ==
== Applications with Creative Commons licensing built-in ==

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Applications with Creative Commons licensing built-in

The following list of software packages and web applications incorporated Creative Commons licensing, so you won't have to copy/paste HTML from licenses or add buttons to your pages.

Photography Applications

  • SnapGallery: [Windows] Drag a folder of photos on your desktop onto this script and it will automatically build you a Gallery of HTML pages. You can select a license during setup that will be embedded in each gallery page.

Graphics Applications

  • Inkscape, an open source drawing tool (that uses SVG). One may select a CC license for content directly from within the metadata dialog.

Blog Applications

  • Movable Type: [server software] A robust weblogging system that allows you to select and apply a license to your individual blogs. Displays the button and metadata automatically.
  • Manila: [server software] Another weblog management system that allows authors to select licenses for their blogs, displaying the button and metadata in your site's template.
  • Squarespace: [service] A website- and blog-publishing service that allows users to select a CC license for their sites and displays a license button and metadata automatically.
  • Mediawiki: [server software] The software which powers this wiki and http://www.wikipedia.org. During installation a user is allowed to select a license for their wiki.
  • AVOIR/Chisimba: [server software] Full featured weblogging application built on top of the Chisimba PHP5 Framework. Allows individual post licences as well as providing RDF metadata.

Web Applications

  • Archive.org: An archive of content, the Open Source Movies section displays Creative Commons licenses and lets anyone add their own movies under a license. The Open Source Audio section does the same, but for audio files.
  • YMDI: Youth Media Distribution is a teen-themed offshoot of the documentary filmmaking non-profit Media Rights. Teens can upload films they have created, get information on how to distribute films, and license their films for use by others.
  • Ticketstubs.org: Share stories of past concerts, movies, and events. When you contribute a story, you can license your story for use by others.
  • Bumperactive.com: Create your own bumper sticker. The CC license engine is integrated to Bumperactive's upload process.
  • Flickr: Create an account, set your default CC license, and start uploading photos today.
  • AVOIR/Chisimba: Chisimba PHP5 Framework. Features include a CMS, Blog and many other content tools. Allows individual post licences as well as providing RDF metadata.

Authoring Tools

  • Screenbook Maker: A tool for creating online visual tutorials, Windows HTML Help, or just web books (linked HTML pages). For an example of the kind of content that can be created with this tool, see the Joomla Visual Tutorial Bookshelf. For a walkthrough of how to add the Creative Commons license to content created with Screenbook Maker see Screenbook Copyrights

Mobile Applications

  • WINKsite: A mobile publishing system that allows you to select and apply a license to your mobile site & blog. Displays the button and metadata is automatically included in feeds.

Note to developers: If you have incorporated Creative Commons licensing into your application (per our documentation), and you'd like your application to appear on this list, please create an account on this wiki and click 'edit' to add your application.

Applications Using CC
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