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CC Belarus



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Affiliated institution(s)
Falanster (non-governmental organization)

Project lead(s)
Mikhail Volchak (public project lead), Sviatlana Yermakovich (creative branch and translation), Hanna Baradzina (translation and volunteer), Diana Ivanova (volunteer and lawyer), Alena Kapachova (volunteer)

Mailing address
220088, Zaharova 77, room 2b +375 29 1274267



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Belarus Case Law

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What we done in 2014-2015.

It was offline and online activities:

  1. 29th of August’14 we opened the CC-affiliate in Belarus. It was meeting in university libraries with online bridge with CC activist John Weitzman and copyright researche Just Smirs.
  2. It was written the number of researching articles in online media (especially
  3. Online and offline consultation by website owners and civil activists how to use CC for their purposes and mediums.
  4. The project “Tasty creativity”, which was created at summer’2014, participated in SocialWeekEnd event during November’2014. The main aim of the deal to reform the copyright and clearly implement free licences.
  5. The Deeds & Choosers were translated for CC-website in February’2015.
  6. The affiliate took part in the open education week with discussion in Belarusian States University.
  7. We have several presentations on local events and abroad (i.e. or
  8. It was established communication with Ukrainian Creative Commons team.
  9. OpenData Day (February’2015) activity with two presentation about law unclearance and challenges.
  10. The campaign for popularisin CC license was started at January’2015. It was entitled as Wikification

Our purposes 2015-2016

Seed words about Creative Commons and help communities

  1. To prepare useful manuals in online for bloggers, authors, journalists how to implement Creative Commons licence on their works (2015).
  2. To create leaflets about the most popular Creative Commons Licenses for spreading these on related lectures and workshop (2015).
  3. To write articles about CC usage in the world and particular spheres (science, education, government, art) - (2015-2016).

Rise popularity of Creative Commons Licenses as a Free Culture Tool

  1. To implement competition among musicians who creates theirs tracks with free licenses (beginning of 2016).
  2. To make video(s) with celebrities and vip persons about free culture principles (2016).
  3. Rebranding our central CC-project in a crowdsourcing platform.

In law branch

  1. To develop draft about local copyright law changes (2-3 pages) and move it in public discussion (2016).
  2. To start online discussion and invite authorities, creators and netizens to discuss about the draft (2016).

What we expect

  • Our supporter circles become more huge and different (institutions and individuals, especially creators and netizens)
  • Awareness about CC-affiliate will increase and media will want to communicate with us more often. Our expertise in copyright issues will gain.

What we need

  1. More writer and bloggers who will share CC ideas.
  2. Graphic designer and web-developer for leaflets and manuals producing.
  3. Lawyer for composing offers from netizens in more formal style and makeup it in paper.
  4. Organizers for public events such as presentation, photo or music competitions.
  5. Some funds for the printing and foster the activities.


  • Several communities (i.e. opendata) to realised necessity of copyright alternatives and began to use CC licenses as a tool for their content.
  • Creators and other individuals produce their works with CC and we get case (success stories) about free culture content development in belarusian society


We would like to make new friends from neighbor affiliates or individuals. Next years we will increase volunteer exchange and invite people to our projects.

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