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CC Belarus



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Affiliated institution(s)
Falanster (non-governmental organization)

Project lead(s)
Mikhail Volchak (public project lead), Sviatlana Yermakovich (creative branch and translation), Anastasia Avramenko (translator), Alena Kapachova (volunteer), Victoria Shevtsova (volunteer)

Mailing address
220088, Zaharova 77, room 2b +375 29 1274267



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Belarus Case Studies

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Belarus Case Law

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Our roadmap

1. Vision

Copyright in Belarus has a stricted nature. It is without any alternates in our country. Creative Commons Lisences can provide tools for overcoming the restrictions. We spread the word about this.

2. Community

It is a bootstrap project. Some painters, singers, and writers use the Creative Commons as an aesthetic and value gesture.

3. Priority goal

  1. To do more clear CC for belarusians. Translation Deeds for Creative Commons 4.0.
  2. To spread words. Enlightenment activity (lectures, discussions, training, knowledge exchange)
  3. To drill local copyright. Law research in the Public Licences field for Belarusian Laws.

4. Expected outputs

  1. To translate all Deeds 4.0 and several texts with legal code e.g. CC BY-SA 4.0 and CC BY 4.0 into belarusian
  2. To collect one the Wikipedia page about 50 works under CC lisences in 2014 and about 100 works per 2015 year
  3. To publish reports about the Law research in media and implement discussion about Creative Commons in Belarus (spring, 2015)

5. Resource Requirement

Now there are more actual roles below:

  • Translators and lawyers (deeds transalte into belarusian and some legal texts for research)
  • Painters and designer for memes and posters.
  • Movie maker for promo film (1-1.5 minutes) on belarusian
  • Media activists for viral campaign (social media manager)

Now we deploy the CC affiliate project on a crowdsourcing platform.

6. Sustainability and scalability

It is an experimental project where we will create as many as possble simple texts, images, videos for more attractable understanding for belarusian audience, first of all, authors.

7. Collaboration

We are interested to do at least two ways of cooperation with neighbors affiliate and other creative commons activists around the world It is the Eastern-Europe Creative Commons Summit, for example, next year 2015, spring Online video of our audio bridges where we can communicate and exchange experience with activists of the globe.