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What ideas would be good to try out at the CC Salon? This is a good place to brainstorm and place up thoughts about small segments at the CC Salon such as mix-offs, live code workshops, demonstration of new projects, etc.


What about a podcast of the event? Could someone record the first event live so that we can podcast the content of the event?


Should the event be streamed for those who can't attend? Also, to go along with, a chat channel would work out nicely as well.


The #cc chat channel on should be used for online communication during the event. Also, it is a useful space for communication before and after the event.


Would anyone want to perform live at the event? DJs and musicians, that means you! Also, anyone doing live dance, acting, etc, that means you as well!

Open Salon Time

Similar to Dorkbot and others, it would be good to have 10-15 minutes at the end dedicated to an open mic session where people can come up to the mic and talk about their ideas/involvements.

Film Screening

Maybe rather than just have presenters, there could be some informal screening of CC licensed films along with the film makers.

Live Visuals

During the event someone or something should produce the visuals during the event through a secondary projector. More likely than not, there will be a projector in use by the presenters, so any visuals will have to be before and after the presentations.


Kiosk for adding names/emails to the wiki page and discussion lists. Also, another idea would be a kiosk for having paypal donate to artists, cc, and other nonprofits.

Burn Station

It could be easily done with some PCs with a database of CC licensed works. And visitors can get a "souvenir" of the Salon.

Brainstorm Session

A basic session to brainstorm about projects that support Creative Commons licenses and standards.

Speaker Challenges

Speakers who have well known topics could be challenged to speak about new and different topics, or have to rapidly develop some topic on the spot.