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[ Intellectual Property Law Institute, Trnava University] (academic institution)

Zuzana Adamova
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Visit the Slovak Creative Commons’s website.

The Creative Commons Slovakia license suite is available in an unofficial translation of the version 4.0. The goal is to complete the translation process of licenses in 2015.

You can also choose the international licenses. More information is available here.

Creative Commons is currently working with The Law Faculty of Trnava University in Trnava and The Society for Open Information Technologies to create jurisdiction's specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CC Slovakia team:

Project Leads: Zuzana Adamová and Richard Bednárik

Experts: Martin Mojžiš and Martin Husovec

Public Relations: Marek Mahut and Anton Škreko

Volunteers and others

Priorities for 2015:

- Official translation of licenses CC 4.0 including CC0.

- Cooperation in the field of OER (open education resources).

- Supporting use of CC in relevant independent cultural, educational and other communities.

Slovak articles and information on Creative Commons published online:

  • Bednárik, R. Kultúrne dedičstvo v prostredí internetu – 2. časť. Duševné vlastníctvo, č. 2/2015, s. 24-28 (2015)