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Jamglue is an online community for creating and personalizing audio, allowing for tracks to be easily remixed and reworked by the community at large.

Without CC it would be very difficult to give users the flexibility they deserve while keeping it simple to use. — Divya Bha


Jamglue uses flash based tools that allow people to upload their own tracks in 'steam' form (i.e. drums are separate from guitars etc.) which in turn can be remixed/reused by the rest of the community. They have created an online DAW to facilitate this.

Jamglue has been exemplary in getting major artist to release song-stems for their tracks under CC licences. By doing this, these artists allow their fans to engage with their music without fear of loosing their commercial rights. Check out their contests page to see the artists they have worked with.

License Usage

Anyone uploading to Jamglue can choose from the suite of CC licences for their own music. From their, Jamglue internally enforces the different aspects of the licences (such as SA) but has found that the licences 'just work' and keep creative people doing creative things without worry.


Without CC licenses Jamglue would be unable to host high-profile contests with major artists. Similarly, its community is built around sharing - CC licences make it easy for artists (big and small) to articulate what others can and can't do with their works.