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Indaba Music is “an international community of musicians, music professionals, and fans exploring the creative possibilities of making music with people in different places”.

Artist rights are very important to us, and so this flexibility fits well with our mission to empower musicians. Indaba members can keep all their rights, or, thanks to Creative Commons, they can permit certain uses of their work by others. We’re using the CC Attribution 3.0 Unported license and the CC Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported license - these licenses, along with the option to reserve all rights offer our members maximum flexibility. Matthew Siegel and Daniel Zaccagnino


Indaba Music is an online community based around music collaboration. Musicians upload their own songs, are able to view songs by other users, and are further able to collaborate on these songs if the original content creator indicates that they are allowed to do so. CC-licenses are used within the site's UI during the uploading stage to facilitate this sort of collaboration legally and fluidly.

License Usage

Users can upload their works under CC BY, CC BY-NC, or All Rights Reserved.


Indaba is meant to be a fruitful online collaborative space for musicians. CC licenses enable the open sharing and reusing of other people's music with relative ease. From Matthew Siegel and Daniel Zaccagnino:

CC licenses enable our members to be explicit about the permissions they grant to their collaborative partners and to the Indaba community at large without having to craft their own complicated legal arrangements. This flexibility is great for musicians, and when you combine it with Indaba’s ability to track every event that occurs within specific projects, it means that artists have more control over their work and the creative process than they ever had before.