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'Swan Weathervane' at the University of Western Australia, by Tama Leaver, CC BY

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iGeneration 2008 was an honours course in digital communication and participatory culture run in Communication Studies at the University of Western Australia. All course content, discussions and assessment items (podcasts and video remixes) are shared with the world as an Open Education Resource under a Creative Commons license.

The Creative Commons as both enabling licenses and, more importantly, a philosophical movement based on sharing and helping others build, remix and learn from a legally shareed culture commons is the ideal realm of copyright for meaningful education where the idea is both to learn and to teach in the same breath. — Dr Tama Leaver


iGeneration: Digital Communication and Participatory Culture 2008 was an honours course in Communication Studies at the University of Western Australia. The unit coordinator was Tama Leaver, and the five talented students who took the course were Kiri, Alex, Chris, Shemila and Joanne. The honours course was a collaborative effort; Tama provided the frame and the first few and last weeks of the course, but the central seminars were constructed and run by the students.

All course curriculum, teaching materials, assessment structures, the actual assessments themselves (taking the form of audio podcasts and video remixes) and the associated discussions are all online, under a Creative Commons license, shared with the world as an Open Educational Resource.

License Usage

Everything created by the course coordinator and students of iGeneration – the unit outline, the seminars, the podcast projects, the remix projects and all of the artefacts and conversations, are released under a Creative Commons Australia Attribution -Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 license. This means educators, students and pretty much anyone else is free to use, and re-use any of the material here as long as they give attribution (the easiest way being a direct link back to this blog), and the material in used non-commercially (and we consider any and all educational uses as non-commercial, along with plenty of other uses, too) and that any subsequent work building on these materials is also shared under a similar license (no, it doesn’t have to be exact, but the intent needs to be pretty much the same). This course, and all of its content, are an Open Education Resource and we encourage others to borrow, mix and build upon the work created.


The course coordinator (Tama Leaver) and the students of iGeneration in 2008 explicitly elected to place all of the course, their discussions, and the podcasts and remix videos created during the unit online. In part, this is to showcase their work and to engage with digital culture in its own terms - online. The group also decided that they wanted this material to be available to others as an Open Education Resource, either as a template for a future unit, some thoughts of specific subjects, videos about remix culture, or any other permutation or combination possible, as long as a basic Creative Commons license was respected, which ensured the students and unit coordinator would be acknowledged as the authors/remixers.

iGeneration was first run in 2005, and the first course remains online, also licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. The 2008 course built upon this original instance and hopes others will build on and, hopefully, learn something, from the 2008 course material, discussions and artefacts online.


Three video remixes created by iGeneration students ...

1 copyright < creative commons An iGeneration remix project by Alex Pond. Credits, Sources and Exegesis

2 Build / Create > Change An iGeneration remix project by Kiri Falls. Credits, Sources and Exegesis

3 A Remix? An iGeneration remix project by Chris Ardley. Credits, Sources and Exegesis