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Please place your name and topic here for possibly presenting in the future.

  • Micahel Bean, Using creative commons to teach people about online gaming and simulations by encouraging authors share code and games example for mixing and customization.
  • John Yi, dublit Inc [1](pushing CC alongside WGA and traditional copyrights for online-published creative-writing in text and audio)
  • Rick Prelinger, (emailed)
  • A Future Trip to Rick Prelinger's
  • Rob Lord, Songbird
  • Bram Cohen,
  • Jacob Appelbaum, (emailed)
  • Philip Torrone,, (emailed)
  • [2] CC licensed, Open Design products by designer Ronen Kadushin.
  • David Pescovitz, MAKE
  • Adam Trachtenberg, eBay (just an idea: need to get in touch)
  • Evan Prodromou, Wikitravel / World66 (in San Francisco for Where 2.0 conference June 13-14, would love to talk at the SF salon on the 14th)
  • Adam Frey, Our default content license is CC. Would like to share our experience and discuss ideas for increasing the use of CC licensed content.
  • Ron Martinez - Yahoo! IP
  • Youtube - Glenn/Chad/Steve
  • Flickr
  • Myspace
  • Negativland
  • Microsoft
  • Pixar
  • Google Video
  • Podshow
  • Lynn Hirschman
  • Architecture for Humanity
  • Xeni Jardin
  • Apple ALI - Alec
  • Adobe
  • Hype Machine (NYC)
  • (UK)
  • Chris Willits
  • ebay
  • Founders of Dorkbot
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Brad Lichtenstein - bio
  • Politician (?)