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The search.creativecommons.org site a search platform for finding CC licensed material on search engines.


Sources for the search.creativecommons.org site are available on GitHub. Proposed changes can be submitted as pull requests to the appropriate module(s).


All issues, including both bugs (problems) as well as desired changes must be reported on the GitHub issue tracker. In case of emergency, please also email webmaster@creativecommons.org.

Issues are evaluated at the weekly triage meeting, where we decide what we will work on, and in what order.


String localization is done on https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/CC/resource/cc-search/ Transifex]. Please contact a team member if you need to get set-up.

Strings are automatically updated every 15 minutes during the time the tree is open, from Tuesday morning (after the push to production) until the end of the string freeze on Sunday night.