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The site is our main website, which has significant traffic (.5m/month).

Because the site has many internal components that must inter-operate correctly for the site to function, and also due to the traffic load, the site must be carefully updated in a coordinated way. We have developed a weekly release schedule with different stages for development, localization, and QA, which you can read about below.

Release Schedule

All times in Pacific Time (GMT-8 or GMT-7, depending on daylight savings).

The release schedule repeats these stages weekly:

Beginning with the Tuesday morning push, the source tree is re-opened for changes. Approved patches (changes) may be committed until the tree closes on Thursday night.
String Freeze
At the end of Thursday (midnight Friday) the source tree enters a string freeze. This means that no changes are allowed which would modify or add strings marked for localization. This allows our translators 3 full days (including the weekend) to work on translations.
Changes which modify/add strings may land on a branch which can be merged at a later date (for a future release).
Full Freeze
On Sunday night (midnight Monday) the source tree is locked down, and no changes are allowed. This gives us one day where we can QA the site by using the staging site, before releasing it to production on Tuesday morning
Changes may land on a branch which can be merged at a later date (for a future release).

Note that changes to the production site happen only on Tuesday mornings. No changes are pushed to the live site at any other time, with the exception of emergency situations or any pre-approved releases (at the discretion of the module owner).

However, changes can always (and often should) land on branches with which we can launch temporary servers for public testing.


Sources for the site are available on GitHub. Proposed changes can be submitted as pull requests to the appropriate module(s).


Issues with can be reported on the GitHub issue tracker. In case of emergency, please also email