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  • CC is working on a website redesign; primary visual redesign to be completed by CC Global Summit (16 September 2011)
  • initial mockups provided by Lybba Dec 2010
  • design work will be continued by Fabricatorz Aug 2011; primary contacts Jon Phillips, Christoper Adams
  • CC manager Mike Linksvayer; help from CC Tech (Nathan Kinkade, Christopher Webber), Jane Park, Timothy Vollmer
  • All work will be done on branch of CC code repository, against existing theme to minimize integration time and regressions


  • note: each deadline below assumes CC approval on same date, given constant communication during development; Check-in on progress each day via skype/IRC

Implement "Phase I" Creative Commons Redesign

  • 8/23 CONCRETE PLAN: identify concrete elements of "phase 1" mockup design to be implemented, any elements not feasible that will not be implemented
    • priority of the site is what:
      • donations/support, finding media and licensing media? what about culture, science, etc
    • Strong Header needs to be decided
    • Strong treatment of CC logo
    • Strong menu, if we keep at all, need to go through menu items and decide
    • Strong tagline or none at all?
    • Header across the sites
    • nuke subdomains and integrate into the site where possible
    • Libbya design
      • like the bottom graphic of affiliates, but should be a real map if use that, and should go to the affiliate locations
      • somewhat like the curator area, but have question about what should go there, is it for blog posts? need to write software for maintenance
    • menu: need to compare current and the libbya one
    • look at the old site main page, and the current one, agree upon elements to keep or kill
  • 8/26 HOMENAV IMPLEMENTED: home page and navigation elements implemented; check-in with CC web redesign committee
  • 9/2 INTERIOR PAGES: changes to interior landing and about themes/pages implemented
  • 9/9 LICENSE CHOOSER: overall look/navigation changes also implemented for license chooser; check-in with CC web redesign committee
  • 9/16 REVIEW BUGFIX LAUNCH: bug fixing/testing completed, launch at CC global summit

Content for home page

For Carousel up top, there are several options, which we can rotate in and out depending on what we want to highlight at any given time:


For 3 buckets:

Let's make sure the verticals (culture, science, edu, gov) are linked to in menu drop-down up top.

For get involved options at bottom, flickr icon should be changed to, maybe add newsletter somehow ( Google + is probably inevitable, once they roll out for org's.

Post-summit Redesign of Creative Commons Donor site

  • 10/7 INTEGRATE CIVICRM: integration of design elements from main website redesign completed for pre-testing of campaign soft launch

Post-Campaign Launch Redesign of Other Sites

goal for each is to incorporate key elements from redesign, but start from and stay very close to native theme of relevant software

  • 10/14 WIKI
    • reality assessment on the integration
  • 10/21 LABS: labs/other CC sites using wordpress multiuser
    • What sites must stay and which must leave?
  • 10/28 SEARCH
    • Is this staying?
    • Needs a reality assessment on continuing.