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This page provides important information for the CC Legal Leads when versioning up to 3.0

After long and fruitful discussions, and a heavy, but delicious cake in the shape of a 3, courtesy of CC affiliates, the new CC license version 3.0 was launched on February 23rd, 2007. Many, many thanks to Mia Garlick and all of you who have participated in the process! It was announced on our blog and outlined in more detail on our wiki.

Content requirements

  1. Work through the check-list, the “Working document” and CS document
  2. Produce first draft with help of the three documents available on this wiki, re-translate to English, and prepare English explanation of substantial legal changes.
  3. Send re-translated license and English explanation of substantial legal changes to CC for discussion.
  4. Conduct a public discussion. After public discussion produce final draft and send to CC.
  5. CC gives approval to move on with technical requirements.

Technical requirements

  1. Once the public discussion has concluded and CC approves, transform the final version 3.0 license into the possible 6 different licenses.
  2. Start with the BY-NC-SA Version 3.0 Unported legalcode XHTML.
  3. Follow the steps listed here to generate and validate the XHTML files.
  4. Send the 6 licenses as UTF8-encoded XHTML to CC.
  5. CC Tech will check the XHTML files and send them back to you for final proof reading. Please check the documents very carefully as no further changes will be possible once they have been published.

Versioning documents

  1. Version 3.0 Checklist (updated)
  1. Version 3.0 Working Document (updated)
  1. Collecting Societies Matrix
  1. Database Rights in v3.0: A document explaining the reasoning behind the proposed harmonization with regards to "sui generis database rights" in the European Licenses.

Additional information

A longer article explaining the changes is here: Version 3.0

Please be aware that there are specific steps involved, depending on if you have already ported a previous license version or if you are in the process of porting CC licenses to your jurisdiction and plan to use version 3.0. Please contact Diane Peters and Michelle Thorne directly if you plan on versioning to 3.0