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This page contains historical information about the Creative Commons affiliate network, disbanded effective 2018 April and replaced by the Creative Commons Global Network. Creative Commons country affiliates have been replaced with CC Country Chapters. Information about the this country's Chapter, if formed, can be found at the link above. This information is no longer current and is retained solely for informational purposes. All contact information for current members of this country's network are found at the link, above.

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Most Recent License Version
Affiliated Institution
Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información ()
Líder Público
John Piñango
Latin America
Country Code

Venezuela Licenses in Public Discussion

The Venezuelan version 3.0 license is currently in public discussion. Please visit the public discussion page to see the license draft and contribute to the discussion.


Goal: Porting of the Creative Commons License to the Venezuelan Legislation.

The project of porting the Creative Commons Licenses to the Venezuelan Legislation, will be coordinated by the Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información (National Center of Information Technologies). The CNTI is part of the Ministry of the peoples' power for the Telecommunications and Informatics.


There is an increasing number of countries around the world that ported the Creative Commons Licenses to their jurisdiction, in order to provide legal base to authors and users looking to use, distribute, reuse, and adapt the works of creativity and knowledge such as books, movies, papers, and others.

Is a goal of the government of Venezuela to create the necessary conditions to facilitate the social appropriation of knowledge to achieve a fair distribution of wealth and the most social happiness between it citizens.

Considering that the Creative Commons Licenses provide a tested and mature base to protect both the authorship and the right to access and distribution of knowledge, the CNTI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Creative Commons International to promote and coordinate a national effort to port the licenses to the Venezuelan Jurisdiction.


With the intention of promoting of the development of the free knowledge in our society and stimulate his appropriation, there is necessary of the porting of a license that it allows the precises conditions of coy, divulgation and distribution of content. MT: Legal justification of porting? Could still lead with community here, use a translation of the Unported. Send Pre-Porting Questionnaire?

The great power and popularity that has taken at present the new model of collaborative work and the sharing of experience are the principal reasons to introduce in the Venezuelan culture a new legal vision to yield knowledge.

General Aim

Provide to our country of the Creative Commons Licenses ported to the national legislation to promote the democratization and appropiation of the knowledge.

Specifics Aims

  1. Assemble the working group that will be in charge of the study of the base license (creative commons).
  2. Study the Venezuelan legislation, with regard of those laws that regulate the author's rights and those that benefit juridical figures that endorse the impulse and strengthening of the collaborative work and the social appropriation of the knowledge. MT: Working group determines if porting is necessary
  3. Execute the procedure stipulated by Creative Commons International; including:
  • Production of the first draft
  • Public Discussion of the first draft
  • Adjust the first draft accordingly to the results of the Public Discussion, which results in the second draft that is transmitted to the organization before mentioned for his respective review and approval.

Overview Product or Service / Goals hope

To be finalized, the project must generate the Creative Commons Venezuelan Licenses. MT: or use a translation of the Unported. Any community goals?

Involved Actors

  • Creative Commons
  • Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información (National Center of Information Technologies)
  • Oficina de Planificacion del Sector Universitario (OPSU) ‚ De Ministerio del poder Popular para la Educación Universitaria (Planinng Office of the University Sector)
  • Fundación Centro Nacional de Desarrollo e Investigacion en Tecnologias Libres ‚CENDITEL (National Center of investigation and development in free technologies) ( [1]l)
  • Students and Faculty of several National Universities.
  • General Public with interest in the porting project.
  • Suggestions for important stakeholders? Free Software, Wikimedia, mentoring with Latam


Our strategy is based on the collaborative work; for this we have done a preliminary contact with any governmental allied institutions which will be to taking part in the project's activities.

Also we have developed a divulgation plan and workshops of awareness with the universities and other sectors. We will keep activated and will ramp up this plan during the execution of the project.

Divulgation strategies:

  • Official letter to the state' institutions
  • Advertising on websites of Institutions and Universities.
  • Alliance with the others juridical offices.
  • Awareness campaign (ex: Workshops in Universities, Ads in Printed Press)

The collaborative platform was elaborated by employees of our institution and it will provide the online tools to share ideas and to translate, write and review the documents deliverables on the project.