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I am an Italian blogger expert in Social Media Marketing Strategies. I am graduated in Communication, Arts and Multimedia with a thesis on free download based on my project called Yo[U-Turn], which has been immediately noticed and quoted by the experts of this topic. I am the founder and editor of Stordisco, a music webzine that I have been directed since two years. I spent four years as artistic director of "Suoni Mo'desti Festival" and "Corti Mo'desti", organized by the Mo'desti Onlus, an association I helped founding. In both of these occasion I also curated the public relations. I am also the owner of Yo! Netlabel, a non-profit online label that let users download music for free under a Creative Commons license.

My other interests are: netaudio and free culture movement, International Pirate Party movement, Bitcoin or any another cryptocurrencies.

I live in the East End of London where I follow many events related to new technologies, hackmeeting, and launch of new applications. I attend mainly the Silicon Roundabout (East London Tech City) where I have been often lucky enough to get closer to the new startups emerging on the Web. For some months I have regularly attended the Campus, a co-working space powered by Google, and now I work for a startup in the 'Accelerator' a specialist business incubator in Shoreditch, the heart of London's ICT and digital media community.

In my spare time I enjoy being a tastemakers specialized in music apps, Web APIs, blogging platforms, p2p & file-sharing software downloads, streaming service provider, online file storage provider (cyberlocker) and many others service.

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