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        I want to annonce from any country who is intresting to buy from my Mr.Marasoiu nMarian Puiu with adress ;Stramosilor nr.7 ap.21 sector 6 Bucharest Romania  a invention a device  who can asnnonce the autority ability from extiction the fire who burns forest and posibility to extended and of city who exist in aproche of this fire.This device is very eficienty is conected of a center who monitorizinmg in permanence a panel who have a map with all this device.And in cause this device disover a little smoke comand of sistem wirless who is conected of this panel the place were is a beghing a fire.This device is not expensiv and I think that every country who have forest must to acquisition this device who is very eficienty in comparation with hapend in ather country.Each governor who want this device have many benefit  beause in the first place have all forest from all country in safe and two they do to work of many peoples from varios domains.This is in your  avantage if you contact us mail poee56@yahoo.com or brandpowers777@yahoo.com
  This device is invented by person Mr.Marasoiu Marian president of Hause Millenium Inc&Solution Day creator and fondator of Freedomillenium organization.
              This message was writte today 02.09.2009 and was copy in format letter paper resent of my adress from postal delivery from reason of security.
                  All copy right is reserv 2009

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