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Jonas Öberg, 2010,Photograph: Mathias Klang.

I'm the project lead for the Cloudberry Project, a network of Nordic Creative Commons groups covering Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland and the Faroe Islands. Part of our activities in the network is to engage more with the artistic community and encourage the use of Creative Commons and foster a discourse in culture that involve Creative Commons.

For Creative Commons, I also run the course Getting your CC Project Funded at the P2PU, where I try to help people find funding for their project ideas. During the day I work as a teacher at the Göteborg University.

During most of my remaining free time I'm either renovating my house or working for the Society for Free Culture and Software in Sweden, where we're managing the aforementioned Cloudberry Project, and also also engaging with a project to increase accessibility of cultural events (a project that will create a guidebook which will be CC licensed).