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While studying philosophy and computer science, Fred co-founded the Free Culture @ NYU chapter of Students for Free Culture, an international student movement focused on copyright reform, technology advocacy, and digital activism and currently serves on the board of the organization. In 2005 Fred staged the first-of-their-kind DRM protests, and continued working with his chapter to organize several conferences, art exhibitions and lectures focused on free culture. In April 2008 Fred launched his thesis for his masters at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program named Cause Caller; a web service designed to help citizens organize virtual phone banks using VoIP-based telephony and a semantic media wiki. After graduating ITP, he began his current job as Creative Commons' Outreach Manager to advocate adoption of Creative Commons licenses by startups, museums, artists, and musicians. He is based out of New York City and spends his spare time with the Rubik's cube, bicycles, the semantic web, and cameras.