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Affiliated Institution
Open Content Foundation (ГО "Відкритий Контент") (NGO)
Legal Leads
Andriy Bichuk and Maksym Naumko
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Creative Commons Ukraine

Creative Commons Ukraine is the affiliate that supports Creative Commons in Ukraine. In 2016 and 2017 our focus areas are the following:

Government use of Creative Commons:

- open data & public sector information;

- OpenGLAM: Creative Commons licensing & material in the GLAM sector: Galleries, Libraries, Archives, & Museums in partnership with the Open Archive of Ukrainian

- Media Art & Wikimedia Ukraine;

- Open access & open research data: working with Ukrainian open access journals & open access repositories;

- Creative Commons licensing and social innovations in partnership with Ukrainian croudfunding platform Bigggg Idea;

- Emerging journalism models & Creative Commons;

- Ukrainian musicians & Creative Commons;

- Ukrainian writers & Creative Commons;

- Creative Commons licensing in social justice and human rights projects in Ukraine.

Ukrainian translation of Creative Commons 4.0 license suite was published in June 2015.

Project leads are:

Maksym Naumko (Максим Наумко), maksym.naumko at

Andriy Bichuk (Андрій Бічук), bichuk_andriy at

Iryna Kuchma (Ірина Кучма), ikuchma at

Serhiy Tokar (Сергій Токар), tokarsergey at

Affiliated institutution is:

Open Content Foundation (ГО "Відкритий Контент")