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Approximate size of the CC-licensed collection: 10,000

Tribe of Noise, based in the Netherlands and founded in 2008, connects talented musicians and composers online with businesses around the world in need for great, all rights included, music. Today, Tribe of Noise represents over 12,000 artists from 144 countries.

Tribe of Noise community

Tribe members uploading and sharing music use the Creative Commons 3.0 By Share Alike license. Tribe members are free to sign up, share as much music as they want under the conditions stated in our terms of use and upload agreement. Tribe of Noise connects artists and business directly meaning we only want to work with original music 100% owned by the Tribe member and not represented by a publisher, collection society, performing rights organization etc. Covers (unless public domain) are not allowed.

Business opportunities for independent artists (based on Creative Commons licenses)

Tribe of Noise invests time & resources to develop, test and offer new business opportunities to our Tribe members. A recent example is our in-store music service with all rights included music from Tribe members. Retail stores, supermarkets, hotel chains etc. are given the opportunity to replace existing in-store music programs with Tribe of Noise in-store music repertoire (through their preferred narrow casting company). These clients will pay a subscription fee but save the traditional performing rights and neighboring rights fees. All broadcasting content is online / digitally monitored and participating Tribe members get paid their share on a monthly base.

Changing the value chain

Together with Creative Commons, legal experts and specialized law firms we welcome the discussion to change the existing music industry value chain. We are not against traditional models involving band managers, labels, publishers and collection societies but we think the music industry needs many more flexible ways to license music and/or facilitate talented artists in a changing digital world. Connecting great artists & business with Creative Commons licenses is one of our main goals.