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There are several opportunites for translators to get involved with Creative Commons projects. Creative Commons uses Pootle to manage translations for the web site and our open source software projects. You can find information on using Pootle for translations here; information on translating using gettext and poEdit is also available.

The license engine, deeds and legal code hosted at are all translated directly by CC jurisdiction partner institutions. While there are usually people at the partner institutions who handle these translations, you can suggest translations for them using our Pootle server.

We'd like every page on this wiki to be translated into as many languages as possible. See CcWiki:About#Translate for details.


Source assets for the Get Creative and Reticulum Rex videos are available to enable translation. You can find the downloads at the following locations:

Open source projects

Our open source project translations are maintained on our Pootle server. Create an account there and start translating!