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What is the Toolkits project?

As part of a one-year project designed to support and strengthen the work of CC’s Global Affiliate Network, CC is leading the development of a series of toolkits and learning materials. These materials are meant to promote the broad understanding and adoption of open policies and practices, and will be formed entirely from open content, made to be shared over the web and from hand to hand.

Who are the Toolkits for?

These toolkits will be primarily designed for use by global affiliate groups, both those that are established in the network and those that have yet to establish formal affiliation (sans MOU). Community members in these affiliate groups will range in experience level relating to Creative Commons history and current work, but we assume they have basic technology skills and are motivated to advocate for open policies and practices related to the subject areas these toolkits will focus on. Other audiences may make use of the instructional material, but some content may be less useful to audiences who have little or no knowledge of Creative Commons work or those who have limited access to technology.

Subject areas

The following topics have been identified as key areas in the global community that would benefit from the creation and use of handy, just-in-time information and support materials.
- Basics of Creative Commons
- Education / OER
- Science / Data
- Government
- Creative Industries

Each toolkit will content general info, images, video from existing CC resources, slide decks for presentations, printable reader notes/cards, FAQ, etc

Get involved

Working Groups (WG)

  • Education: CC Argentina
  • Government: CC Paraguay
  • GLAM: CC Poland
  • Science: TBD


  • Coordinate the co-production of a subject-specific toolkit
    • Perform content audit on subject area (see above)
    • Remix content into draft toolkit: text, video, slides, and other media
  • Coordinate an event around the development of a toolkit:
    • as a sprint/hackathon to gather and structure content for the toolkit (December, 2013-January, 2014), or
    • as a presentation to showcase a completed toolkit (February-March, 2014)




  • Toolkit topics discussed and finalized by CC HQ and Regional Coordinators


  • Session held at the Global Summit (Buenos Aires) to demo the toolkit project
  • Content audit, design, and working groups discussion


  • Toolkit event proposals open
  • Toolkit template built during hackathon with CC Argentina and Wikimedia Argentina


  • Toolkit event proposals close, working groups form
  • Proposed projects and working groups formed, sprints/hackathons begin


  • Sprints/hackathons continue
  • Presenting groups curate/remix content (in parallel with sprint/hackathon groups)



  • Sprints/hackathons conclude, content submitted to HQ and advisors for review


  • Content from all toolkits reviewed, translated as needed, pushed into Wordpress template
  • Presentations of toolkits begin


  • Presentations conclude, working groups share toolkits with global community


  • Project concludes, all toolkits and template placed online

Project Websites

Contact Info

  • Billy Meinke (CC HQ) (billy dot meinke at creativecommons dot org)
  • Teresa Sempere García (Community Support Intern)