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This page is designed to collect comments and feedback on the *BETA* Returning Author's Rights: Termination of Transfer tool that is available for testing on ccLabs



Text Issues

Legal Issues

So this would mean that something licensed with a creative commons share alike licence that permitted derivatives could make all derivative works illegal after the fact because the Author has rescinded the licence further down the track. If the Creative Commons group is implementing tools to make it impossible to trust that a derivative work can be based on a Share Alike Licence this does not build confidence. As far as I can see promoting this kind of transient commons will make it more like a follow spot where you have to trash derivative works as the licences become unsafe? Surely the work of the commons crew should be to demonstrate the problem this poses to derivative works and the credibility of shared licences rather than to make a tool for undermining the commons? A collaborative commons is your end goal yes?

--Hey there - thanks much for your comments. Actually, as we explain more in this FAQ - even if a license is successfully terminated, derivative works will be unaffected. Mia Garlick, CC GC, Jan. 2, 2007