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Template Translations should be used to link an article in the wiki to all its translations. It produces a languages box, that shows in what languages the article is available. The translations should link back to the article using Template:Translated From.

This template is an interface that supplies messages in English to the real code, available at Template:Translations/code. If a translation to your language is not yet available, please translate this interface and its messages to your language. Refer to Template:Pt:Traduções for an example that also shows how to translate the parameter names.


To use it in your article written in English, insert it as follows:

| articles = Es:Foo,Hr:Bar
| rtl = True (optional)

Any number of translations can be listed in the articles parameter, separated by commas.

If no translations are specified, the page is placed in Category:Untranslated.

If the article is in a right-to-left language (which is obviously not the case in English), use rtl = True to indicate it. Otherwise, omit this parameter.

If your original article is not in English, please translate this template to the language of the article and use it instead.

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