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! [[Property:Tag|<span title="What are these tags referring to?">Tags</span>]]:
| {{#arraymap:{{{Tag|}}}|,|x|[[Tag::x| ]] [[:Special:SearchByProperty/Tag/{{urlencode:x}}|x]]}}}}
{{#if:{{{title|}}}|[[Title::{{{title}}}|]]|[[Title::{{PAGENAME}}|]] }}
{{#if:{{{title|}}}|[[Title::{{{title}}}|]]|[[Title::{{PAGENAME}}|]] }}

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   venue= The venue or event (ie: OSCON 2007)|
   EventType= The type of event|
   title= The title or topic of the presentation; if not provided, the page title is used|
   Mainurl= URL to event's info page|
   presenter= The presenter (ie: Nathan Yergler)|
   date= The presentation date|
   Location= 123 Freedom Street, Beverly Hills, CA, USA |
   Division= The division of CC interested in the event (ie: Learn)|
   CC Attendance?= Will CC have a representative there?|