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Conference, in San Francisco, CA, USA



THATCamp Bay Area is a user-generated “unconference” where humanists and technologists meet to work together for the common good. “THAT” = “The Humanities And Technology”.

When and Where

THATCamp Bay Area will be held on October 9-10, 2010 at the Automattic Lounge on Pier 38 in San Francisco. Thanks to Automattic, the people behind WordPress.com, for hosting us in their beautiful space, right on the San Francisco Bay. Please see the Logistics page for more about specific times and location information.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with a passion for the humanities and technology and the places they overlap. This includes academics, students (undergrads and postgrads), independent scholars, new media practitioners, lawyers, curators, archivists, cartographers, librarians, artists, public historians, enthusiasts, DIYers, hackers, developers, data-mungers and more. From complete newbies to hardened coders, anyone with the energy to explore the possibilities and problems raised by the application of technology to the humanities is welcome at THATCamp Bay Area.