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Call info

Staff Updates

Mike Linksvayer

  • Returned from COMMUNIA and Wikimania; will report on both during meeting
  • SingularityU open source panel

Allison Domicone

  • Catalyst campaign wrap-up: working on putting together giving analysis that includes 2009 fundraising campaign and Catalyst Campaign.
  • Continued prep for fall fundraising campaign: working out T-shirt order, reviewing design, plans to leverage community in support of CC; put together a brief for potential copywriter.
  • worked with Melissa to organize files and other development resources in preparation for her move.
  • SF salon last Tuesday: went well, did follow-up and discussed with development/design/communications how to continue to improve for future.
  • Mailings: continuing to improve & make more strategic the mailings we send to our community
  • Ongoing: volunteer coordination
  • Preparing to be offline starting July 17 for 2 weeks