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Call info

Mike Linksvayer

  • Returned from COMMUNIA and Wikimania; will report on both during meeting
  • SingularityU open source panel

Allison Domicone

  • Catalyst campaign wrap-up: working on putting together giving analysis that includes 2009 fundraising campaign and Catalyst Campaign.
  • Continued prep for fall fundraising campaign: working out T-shirt order, reviewing design, plans to leverage community in support of CC; put together a brief for potential copywriter.
  • worked with Melissa to organize files and other development resources in preparation for her move.
  • SF salon last Tuesday: went well, did follow-up and discussed with development/design/communications how to continue to improve for future.
  • Mailings: continuing to improve & make more strategic the mailings we send to our community
  • Ongoing: volunteer coordination
  • Preparing to be offline starting July 17 for 2 weeks

Timothy Vollmer

  • comments to nick shockey about SPARC/R2RC website
  • OER policy interview with Lisa Petrides posted -
  • other bloggin -
  • drafted but on hold "CC and 'some rights reserved' marking blog post
  • attended USTPO-NTIA symposium on Copyright Policy, Creativity & Innovation in the Internet Economy
  • briefing for Melanie and Alex for their meeting at Hewlett re: California Free Digital Textbook Initiative
  • followup with RE: FDTI meeting, esp. with brian bridges from CLRN
  • working on sketching out potential CC materials for OER policy toolkit
  • attended grant workshops on proposal writing and budgeting
  • met up with with Smithsonian Commons' Michael Edson on OER
  • update the Learning Beyond Textbooks website with new language, waiting for others to edit
  • iNACOL k-12 OER survey closed - 88 respondents, now will analyze with Sunnie Kim
  • phone call with David Witzel, others from Environmental Defense Fund RE: OER in business sustainability
  • attending their small meeting in DC July 20
  • sent ideas for CC superheroes to allison
  • oer advocacy coalition working group biweekly phone call

Michelle Thorne

Jane Park

  • music/culture blogs outreach
  • Film Annex Web TV embeds for wiki and blog post
  • pursuing a couple OER policy interviews w/K-12 educators
  • social media plan, met w/Cameron and delegated upkeep (FB & twitter chatter)
  • revising /Marking/Creators (in draft first) to make it more user friendly and to integrate relevant ccLearn docs
  • helped tvol out w/ looking up cc license use for training materials
  • P2PU feedback on ongoing projects and developments
  • other feedback/tasks/news/blogs/tweets/etc.

this week:

  • going to help lila on by-nc/other license pages msging

Aurelia J. Schultz

  • Affiliate Program Improvements w/ Michelle and Diane: Posting updated MOU and policies to the wiki for public comment (see
  • Catalyst Grants: Formal review starting soon
  • Database with Alex and Reg: Giving feedback when I can be of help
  • HR with Jen - very happy to be full time now :)

Cameron Parkins

  • Working w/ JP on finalizing social media plan for immediate future (to be later revised)
  • Updated attribution info on video pages
  • Organizing ES contacts
  • Assisting JP w/ updating marking best practices doc
  • General outreach/feedback for a variety of groups
  • General blog/microblog

Alea Garbagnati

Working away on the FAQ Project

  • Met with LB and NK last week on FAQ project
  • Met with DP and LB to discuss some relevant legal background information
  • Starting staging some FAQs that we've worked on
  • Editing sections of the FAQ with LB

Ted Rose

  • Month-end close financial reporting.
  • Various ad hoc reporting, invoicing, etc.

Nathan Kinkade

I was in the San Francisco office from Tuesday through Friday of last week. All of the tech team members were in the office as well, so we held face-to-face meetings about several general issues, mostly relating to the new code for the license chooser and deeds, as well as some talk about implementation of our backup and redundancy plans. Our new rack-mounted server was in the office, so I spent some time further preparing that machine for the data center, and loading archived data onto it.

I'm mentoring a Google Summer of Code student who is writing a WordPress plugin that will hopefully integrate CC licensing into the media manager, as well as be a general purpose replacement for the plugin wplicense. Things are going well so far.

Prominent projects: migrating CC to as a hosted translation platform, migrating backups and log data to new server, fixing a few small bugs in our "one-click" donation code.

Alex Roberts

  • Campaign development, new tshirts coming soon
  • Store updates -- New photos, thanks to Allison's brother, going live soon.
  • Search Beta development, now testing against tabbed search ui
  • Studying analytics data
  • Admin -- Business card order going out this week, let me know if you need new cards!