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Wikimedia Serbia (NGO)
Legal Affiliate
Nevenka Antic
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Many thanks to all who contributed to the localization of the license suite.

CC Serbia List

Legal Project Lead — Nevenka Antic Public Project Lead — Vladimir Jeric Vlidi

More about Wikimedia Serbia

Wikimedia Serbia, formed in 2005, is a non-profit independent organization, based in Belgrade. The mission of the organization is to develop free knowledge access to every single human being. Wikimedia Serbia is included in the international network of non-profit and independent organizations by sharing the goals of free knowledge issues or improving and participating in the global collection of educational content under free licenses or in the public domain. Wikimedia Serbia supports free knowledge Community and free knowledge projects building the Community in Serbia and providing the projects in Serbian language. The projects are coordinated by the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit parent organization of various multilingual free content projects — Wikipedia, the famous online encyclopedia, which is among the most visited websites in the world; Wicktionary, the free dictionary with thousands of definitions; Wikisource, the collection of texts with thousands of pages of content; Wikiquote, the repository of quotations; Wikibooks, collaboratively written textbooks; Wikinews, citizen journalism; Wikiversity, the source of learning materials; Wikispecies, the species database aimed specifically at the needs of scientific users; Wikimedia Commons, the repository for free video, images, music and other media; MediaWiki, the engine released under the GPL and Wikimedia Meta Wiki, the central wiki for coordination and development of all Wikimedia projects.


Wikimedia Serbia would like to acknowledge and thank and New Media for their great promotional support during the initial phase of the Project. is an non-formal network based in Belgrade. Acting as a kind of meta-organization coordinating different initiatives and actions by different individuals and organizations, it presents a collaborative platform for discussing and conducting various projects. All of it’s projects are formally being conducted trough one or several of it’s member organizations with the formal status. Web sites/platforms like (gathering more then 80 independent cultural innitiatives from Belgrade, and of which is one of the founding members) are yet another visible outcome of the networking on the local/regional level, and beyond. Fundraising for the process of localizations of Creative Commons licences are being carried out by Bureau for Culture and Communication Beograd (, a member of network.

More information:

New Media

New Media is an independent organization which brings together artists, theoreticians, media activists, researchers and the wider public in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. In this respect, is dedicated to the research of new cultural relations, contemporary artistic practice, and social issues.’s work focuses on questions concerning the influence of the electronic media on society, on the creative use of new communication technologies, and on contemporary cultural and social policy. Some of the main issues include interpretation and analysis of the history and significance of the information society, the potential of information itself, and the diffusion of its influence on political, economic and cultural relationships in contemporary society. New Media opens space for both cultural dialog and alternative methods of education and research. A social question, media culture, new technologies art, and the Open Source and Free Software principal are areas in which is engaged.

New Media may be contacted at


Jurisdiction: CC Serbia


Nevenka Antic, legal (Copyright & Human Rights) expert, (Legal Project Lead), Vladimir Jeric, artist (Public Project Lead), Milos Rancic, linguist and software developer (Tech Coordinator, Consultant), Dragan Sataric, IT expert (Consultant)


Creative Commons is raising awareness about the importance of open content issues in the world of science, art, education and information which supports public needs and creative potentials as well as their influences in local and global sharing and improving. The success of the project depends on porting the CC licenses, promoting and assisting in their adoption by intellectual community, cultural, educational and governmental institutions. Porting, promoting and adopting the licenses support national and international intellectual interaction and open access to the material of the greatest interest for the contemporary world.

Being involved in the CC Network, CC Serbia is obviously open for contribution and collaboration in any CC issue, including discussions, meetings or mutual actions and initiatives.


Bringing together creators from various backgrounds, Wikimedia Serbia is connected with universities, NGOs, activists, media and some of governmental institutions. Mostly focused on libraries and other cultural institutions, educational and governmental institutions, artistic researchers and artistic NGOs, CC Serbia uses its human and technical resources to improve the platform for promoting the benefit of open content issues and providing assistance in the CC licensing process.

Focus-area and Team Member(s) Responsible

1. Cultural Institutions and Media

Nevenka Antic

2. Educational and Governmental Institutions

Milos Rancic, Dragan Sataric and Nevenka Antic

3. Artistic Research and artistic NGOs

Vladimir Jeric

Project Outputs

Following the current circumstances, the outputs could be established as workshops, debates, presentations, written assistance and evaluated by number, quality or effects.

Expected start date - Expected date of completion

December 2010 - December 2011

Sustainability and Scalability

As an experienced team working on the same issue a few years ago, we don't expect big challenges and we are able to communicate with the CC Affiliate Network via email list(s) and CC Serbia blog aggregated on the or during the formal/informal meetings in the phase of the project progress.


We are able to support other jurisdiction's activities sharing our experience on the same issue and other jurisdictions can support our activities sharing their experience on the same issue.


The Serbian language is specific with its two scripts/alphabets (Cyrillic and Latin). The Serbian Cyrillic script is officially in use, but we promote the issue in two scripts (the difference appears only in writing). The licenses are available in both, Cyrillic (Serbian: српски) and Latin (Serbian: srpski latinica). There is not CC0 yet, but it will be also translated in both, Serbian Cyrillic and Serbian Latin (more in use by ethnic minorities).