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After 2nd ccSalon


Invitation to the 2nd ccSalon-in-Seoul

The ccSalon( is a event focused on building a community of artists and developers around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology. Creative Commons Korea( held the first ccSalon-in-Seoul, Musicommons, last year and now is preparing the second event.

  Date : June 19 (Sat)  15:00 ~ late at night 
  Venue : Nori People in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul 
  Theme : Code can be an art 
  Programs : Media Jam 
             Collaborative Media Art with Media Artists 
             Panel Discussion 
             Party with passionate people 

More info can be found on ccsalon blog [2].

CC Salon in Seoul 에 초대합니다!!

2006년 8월19일, 서울 압구정동 '이강신빠'에서 그 첫 모임이 시작됩니다. On 19 August, in a cozy and nice live bar in the Apgujeong area in Seoul, Creative Commons Korea (ccKorea) will host the first Creative Commons Salon (ccSalon) in the country. The theme of the event is ‘MUSICOMMONS? What the hell is it?’. The main discussion of the event will be around the topic ’sharing music’, although a good party is also expected to take place too.