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Law Review/Law Journal Articles about Creative Commons

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  • Jerry Brito and Bridget Dooling, An Orphan Works Affirmative Defense to Copyright Infringement Actions, 12 Mich. Telecomm. Tech. L. Rev. 75 (2005), available at—brito&dooling.pdf—brito&dooling.pdf about orphan works
  • Brooke Oliver, The Artist's Perspective in the Acquisiton, Exhibition, and Preservation of New Media Works, SK061 ALI-ABA 161 (2005).
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  • Lawrence B. Solum,Book Review : The Future of CopyrightFree Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity. By Lawrence Lessig, 83 Tex. L. Rev. 1137 (2005).
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  • J. H. Reichman and Paul F. Uhlir, The Public Domain: A Contractually Reconstructed Research Commons for Scientific Data in a Highly Protectionist Intellectual Property Environment, 66 Law & Contemp. Prob. 315, (2003).

Criticisms of Creative Commons

  • Elkin-Koren, Niva, "Creative Commons: A Skeptical View of a Worthy Pursuit" . THE FUTURE OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, P. Bernt Hugenholtz & Lucie Guibault, eds., Kluwer Law International, 2006 Available at SSRN:
  • Berry, D. M. (2004). “The Contestation of Code: a Preliminary Investigation Into the Discourse of the Free/libre and Open Source Movement”. Critical Discourse Studies, 1 (1),