Romania: Open Government Partnership and Open Access

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Policy Status: Current
Jurisdiction: National
Country: Romania
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Policy Title: Romania: Open Government Partnership and Open Access - Go to the policy
Description: At the end of July 2014, Romania adopted its second National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership, covering the period until June 2016. It includes an engagement related to Open Access. The subheading of the Open Access engagement says “opening up data resulted from publicly-funded research projects”. The milestones are less ambitious than we hoped, including monitoring the implementation of open access principles in publicly-funded Romanian scientific research programs, and drawing up proposals for drafting public policies on open access. The Plan also includes references to the EU good practices on this topic, which opens a range of possibilities.

The National Strategy for Research and Development (, pp. 210-211) (October 2014) mentions among its priorities ensuring open access to publications funded from public money.

No progress was made on implementing these principles until October 2015.

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