Reporting Issues with ccPublisher

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ccPublisher uses a slightly customized Roundup Issue Tracker for tracking development efforts. The tracker is available at Information that should be recorded in the tracker includes:

  • bug reports
  • feature requests
  • software engineering decisions


Keywords are used by the tracker in order to group or target issues. For example, issues that are intended to be addressed before a particular release will share a keyword, and issues relating to a particular area of functionality (i.e., i18n) are assigned a particular keyword. The following keywords are in use in the tracker. Please attempt to assign appropriate keywords to your issue upon creation.

this keyword is assigned to issues created via the crash reporter included in ccPublisher; manually created issues should never use this keyword
issues to be addressed for ccPublisher 2 Beta 2; at this point open issues with this keyword are considered regressions
issues to be addressed prior to the final ccPublisher 2 release
issues we are planning to address in the next release of ccPublisher 2
issues pertaining to internationalization (which in itself is targeted for 2.1).