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How to publish on Blogger

Start by choosing a license for your blog at The resulting page will contain the appropriate icons and HTML code. Keep this page open in a separate tab or browser window.

1. Go to and sign in with your Google account. Once signed in, you will be directed to the dashboard. Select 'Design' of the blog you wish to CC license:

Blogger publish1.jpg

2. Under the 'Design' tab, select 'Edit HTML':

Blogger publish2.jpg

3. Refer back to the CC license chooser result. Copy the HTML code provided by highlighting it with your mouse and hitting ctrl-c (command-c on a Mac).

Blogger publish3.jpg

4. Go back to Blogger 'Edit HTML' page. In the 'Edit Template' section, scroll down near the end of the template code, before you see </html> (or </body></html>), and paste in the code copied in the previous step by hitting ctrl-v (command-v on a Mac):

Blogger publish4.jpg

5. Click 'Save Template'. If you 'View Blog', you should see the CC license icon with accompanying information (if you filled out the metadata fields in the license chooser) at the bottom of your blog:

Community resources

Blogger publish5.jpg