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'''[[Publish/Images/Flickr|How to publish on Flickr]]'''
'''[[Publish/Images/Flickr|How to publish on Flickr]]'''
===Flickr resources===
*[[Case_Studies/Flickr|Flickr Case Study]]
*[[Metrics/License_statistics#Flickr_data|Flickr data]]
*Latest [http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/20870 Flickr data analysis]
==Wikimedia Commons==
==Wikimedia Commons==

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Below are major communities for sharing images under CC licenses. For more communities, see:


Flickr logo.png Flickr is a popular photo- and video-sharing site that has enabled Creative Commons licenses. The easiest way to post images online with a CC license is to let Flickr handle all the hosting, posting, and licensing for you.

How to publish on Flickr

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons logo.png Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository of CC-licensed and public domain images that supports Wikipedia articles and other Wikimedia Foundation projects.

How to publish on Wikimedia Commons