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The people who run a DiscoverEd instance may wish to be updated nearly-immediately when there are new resources published by a curator.

Right now, DiscoverEd instances aggregate feeds and crawl every once in a while, often manually at the behest of the search engine operator. PubSubHubBub provides a way for the DiscoverEd instance to subscribe feeds and receive automatic, nearly-instantaneous notification of new information in the feed.

This can be built on top of existing Atom/RSS feeds that curators already publish.

This feature was defined and developed during the fun DC meeting thing. (Nathan, did that meeting have a name?)


A complete implementation of this specification would provide the following things.

  • DiscoverEd can discover a PuSH hub mentioned in a feed.
  • DiscoverEd can register itself as a subscriber to that feed on that hub. (To do that, it has to provide a URL on the DiscoverEd instance that, when the feed is updated, the hub should POST to.)
  • When the hub pings DiscoverEd to say there is an update to that feed, it re-aggregates data from that feed, does a crawl, and merges the index.


  • This draft document has been written. That's all.
  • NSDL is interested in trying this with us.


  • Can we make things as simple as this:
    • OER Africa adds <link rel="hub"...>
    • They do nothing else.
    • The chosen hub polls the feed, and when there are updates, pings us.
    • Then we get real-time updates with basically no effort from OER Africa.