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Online Resources

  • DigitalPhotoPro: The magazine DigitalPhotoPro published an article on the use of Creative Commons licenses by professional photographers with advice for those thinking of using CC themselves. You can read the article online here.
  • The "Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible flickr Images" written by Skellie outlines the use of images licensed under CC licenses effectively.

Photographers using CC licenses

Lan Bui

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Lan Bui "makes media." From photography of tech celebrities (Veronica Belmont, Zadi Diaz, Casey McKinnon) and The Ninja to videos for professionals and events (Comic Con and Pixelodeon), Lan (with help from his brother Vu) makes them all from start to finish.

{{#show: Case_Studies/|?Image Header|link=none}} is the moniker of John Harvey, a Brisbane-based former photojournalist who licenses his Flickr photo stream under Creative Commons.

Photo-sharing platforms that have enabled CC licenses